We at Crowley Lightning Protection, Inc. would like to introduce you to all of our services. As leaders in the lightning protection industry, we are proud to provide you with the following:

  1. Prompt and accurate lightning protection system quotes from our estimation department.
  2. Full design and layout of your lightning protection systems, included for all types of structures and applications, whether it be commercialresidential, or for agricultural lightning protection.
  3. Complete engineering service and specification details
  4. Inspection and repair to your existing lightning protection system.
  5. Complete grounding system installation and repair.
  6. Ground resistance testing.
  7. Electrical surge protection installation and equipment repair.

Crowley Lightning Protection, Inc. is a member of the United Lightning Protection Association, Lightning Protection Institute, and Northeastern Subcontractors Association.

As a listed manufacturer (#E224386) with Underwriters Laboratories and as an approved Underwriters Laboratories Installer (#E147164,) we can obtain the Underwriters Laboratories Master Label certification for Lightning Protection Systems.

Our Commitment to quality service is part of an ongoing tradition. We have more than 50 combined years in the lightning protection industry. Crowley Lightning Protection, Inc. wants to provide you with the best possible service.  We look forward to meeting with you to discuss all of your lightning protection needs.


Dale R. Crowley,

Dennis P. Crowley