Why Weather The Storm?

A lightning strike to an unprotected home can be catastrophic.  Protect your home and family from the deadly force of lightning with a complete lightning protection system.

Today's Homes Are Especially Vulnerable to Lightning

Modern homes are more susceptible to lightning damage than ever. Metal building components, irrigation and security systems, invisible and electric fences, computers and sensitive electronic appliances are common in homes today. These lightning attractive features can increase a homeowner’s potential for serious lightning damage. A properly installed lightning protection system minimizes the threat of lightning related damage. The security and peace of mind that the system offers is a big return on a small investment.

Residential Lightning Protection

The System

A lightning protection system performs a simple task, providing a specified path on which lightning can travel. When your home is equipped with a protection system, the destructive power of the lightning strike is directed safely into the ground, leaving your home, family and electrical equipment unharmed. This simple task is an effective and safe way to protect your home.

Protecting Electronics from Lightning

To assure the highest level of protection, UL-listed lightning surge arresters should be installed on electrical service panels. Arresters are the first line of defense against harmful electrical surges that can enter your home through power lines. by filtering and dissipating the harmful surges, arresters prevent electrical fires and protect against transients that can damage your home.