Why Weather The Storm?

Lightning Is The Leading Cause of Farm Fires

A well-installed and well-maintained lightning protection system routes lightning along a known, controlled course between the air and moist earth, providing over 90 percent effectiveness in preventing damage. A lightning protection system can prevent damage to a building or any loss of income related to this damage.

Livestock often are killed when they are near a fence or tree that receives a lightning discharge. Wire fences need to be grounded, by using galvanized steel posts at 150-foot intervals along the fence. It also is recommended that long runs or wire fence be interrupted. Lone trees should be either fenced off to keep livestock away from them or better yet, be protected by a lightning protection system.

In an approved lightning protection system the house, barns, sheds, silo and all other buildings are protected. All metal tracks, guys, lines and other metal bodies are bonded to the system as required. Arrestors are installed where needed. Lone trees are protected. Metal fences are properly grounded. Electrical entrance services have Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved arrestors.

Agricultural Lightning Protection